Run! The monster is out!

PB 3DZeke Hailey is happy enough at the Chasm, the 23rd century school for psychics. But an answer to a secret throws his life into chaos. Now Zeke must choose between his friends and his missing father.

Mars, however, isn’t ready to let him go. World famous translator Dr. Enki arrives with a sinister plan and he needs Zeke’s ability to speak Martian to uncover an ancient Martian city.

A hideous monster lurks in this alien ghost town, so deadly, it must never get free. But more dangers are waiting for him inside than just the monster. Zeke must find a way to defeat his greatest enemy before the fabric of time and space unravels forever…

Zeke’s mouth ran dry. The brute was bigger than a hover car. Large, fearsome jaws snapped ferociously. Red coals smouldered deep in the eye sockets. And all the time its body blazed with a thousand sparks. Which each heavy step, the creature gazed left then right. It’s searching for something, Zeke thought.

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