Fitch Gravity has a secret, a secret that will mean the end of everything. Gravity’s Eye is Zeke Hailey’s 2nd adventure on Mars. Read the Prologue for free! Cllck here!

“Shh, my beauty. Be still.”
The Spikeworm on his knuckle hissed. The boy crooked his finger and the creature’s razor-sharp spines unfolded.
“Beautiful as death, you are.”
It throbbed happily. The creature was part leech and part spiny sea urchin. Its lower body bonded to the boy’s finger. Bending his digit opened up the nest of venomous quills. Nobody could see the Spikeworm, because it existed purely in the boy’s imagination. And yet it had already poisoned three men…”

Zeke has lost his powers and a prehistoric robot is out to kill him. But the greatest danger of all might just happen to be his new best friend, Fitch Crawly. A powerful psychic, Fitch has phenomenal mind control skills. He’s on a mission to find the key to bending atoms. Soon Zeke betrays his friends and sets off with Fitch and an unlikely ally in search of Gravity’s Eye.

Their quest takes them on new adventures before discovering the terrible secret of the Beagle Research Station. Double cross leads to double cross as Zeke is left for dead. Can he survive not one but three monsters and save the Universe from the oldest enemy of all?