Zeke HaileyWelcome to Zeke Hailey’s official web site. Zeke is the hero in a series of novels set on Mars. Here you can find out more about his adventures, the characters, Mars and contact the author, Ian C Douglas. Read chapter 1 from the Infinity Trap free HERE, and Gravity’s Eye’s prologue here. The Particle Beast (Book 3) launched in summer 2017. Ian is hard at work now, writing Electron’s Blade, the 4th instalment and due late 2018.

Zeke lives in a future where every 15-year-old on the planet takes a psychic exam. The precious few who pass are sent to the Chasm on Mars, training to become Mariners. These are the enigmatic space travelers who pilot starships across the galaxy in an instant. The only problem being sometimes they don’t come back.

Mars, although terra-formed, is rife with dangers. And what happened to the original Martians, who disappeared 2 billion years ago? They’ve left behind some very weird artifacts, capable of transforming the human brain. But even worse is the Spiral, a demon from the dawn of time….